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The new tradition

Giuliva Heritage is not only a luxury brand but also a Weltanschauung, a vision of the world based on responsibility, grace, and consciousness. Gerardo and Margherita state that the way you dress is an act of respect towards others, and this approach represents the paradigm of the brand at large as aesthetic and moral principles go hand in hand. Anchored to a past rich in traditions, culture, and values, we remain true to our identity while always seeking new creative expressions. All the garments that we create are deeply rooted in our Italian heritage and aspire to establish their own legacy in what ultimately becomes a new tradition.

Craftsmanship is our strong suit

At Giuliva Heritage we pay homage to the authentic Italian style and tailoring tradition with the aim of handing it over to future generations. Gerardo cherishes the gravitas of the fabrics and believes that their tactile qualities are capable of carrying and conveying a special sense of energy. It is not the material to be adapted to our designs, but rather the cut to fit and respect the material’s texture and distinctive features. Attention to detail and finishings is prevalent throughout: several production steps are entirely made by hand, including fabric cutting and the sewing of buttons, labels, armholes, necklines, and flat fell seams. We always strive for perfection, while being aware that the natural imperfections and irregularities in materials, textures, and seams denote the uniqueness of the garment itself and emphasize the artisanal workmanship behind it.

Sustainability is our call

We are committed to spreading a culture of sustainability and do everything in our power to reduce the environmental impact of our processes and products: from materials sourcing to manufacturing processes, our choices enhance our investment in quality rather than quantity. In this context, we pride ourselves on offering a Lifetime Promise to our clients all over the world. Our Lifetime Promise will provide for repairs and restorations on all Giuliva Heritage products (with the exception of: knitwear, shoes, belts, tobacco pouches, cufflinks) purchased through our own e-commerce, all of our global official resellers, and retail partners, forever. The Lifetime Promise is yet another step towards our vision of sustainability: we believe that we can make a difference, even more so in this moment of history, when it is essential to be selective and strategic in one’s purchases. 

Investment clothing: stitches in time

“Buy less, wear more” is our motto: buy less but buy better, so as to ensure that your garments will stand the test of time and become a part of your personal heritage. We recommend that our customers take care of their items with delicacy and attention, by carefully following the product care and maintenance instructions which can be found on the care label as well as on each product page under the product care link. At the point when a garment needs mending, we will mend and restore any cut or tear with stitches that will tell the story of the piece and its owner. Customers may contact us directly to arrange shipment back to our atelier in Rome, where we will be repairing and restoring the item to its optimal condition. In this way, we wish to contribute to creating a better world simply by cultivating our most authentic passion. 

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