Giuliva Heritage are pleased to announce we will be launching a Lifetime Guarantee Policy to customers globally. 
In keeping with our belief of timeless style and that pieces should be created to be passed down from generation to generation, the Lifetime Guarantee Policy will offer repairs and restorations to pieces bought through both our own e-commerce website, as well as through all of our global stockists and retail partners, forever.

Our Lifetime Guarantee Policy is yet another step towards our approach and idea of sustainability, one that is embodied in our identity and enhanced by all our choices – from textiles selection to manufacturing processes – that remark our investment towards unrivalled quality, rather than quantity. We strongly believe to retain an educational responsibility towards our customers, even more so in this historical moment, as it is essential to be selective and strategic in one’s purchases. Buying less and wearing more, buying less but buying better quality, to ensure that a garment lasts for years and becomes part of one’s personal legacy and tradition, passing down pieces of clothing from generation to generation.

Founders, Margherita and Gerardo are passionate about the aftercare process of clothing. They recommend consumers educate themselves around taking great care of their garments, ensuring items are stored and hung correctly, as well as appropriately washed and pressed ensuring years will be added to investment pieces.  At the point when a piece needs mending, and to be wearable again, Giuliva Heritage will mend and restore any cuts or tears with stitches that will tell the story of the garment and who wore it. By doing so, creating something that will be entirely intimate to you.

Customers can contact Giuliva Heritage directly for the service, organising the shipment back to the Atelier in Rome where Giuliva Heritage will look after the rest. Giuliva Heritage will then repair and restore the item back to its wearable condition, in keeping with our wish to promote a specific lifestyle, based on grace, respect and sustainability, buying less and wearing more.

We hope to contribute in creating a better world while we cultivate our passion by working to give a true and impacting sense on the world we live in.



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