The first time Margherita tried on her then boyfriend Gerardo’s double breasted top coat, she never gave it back. After all, she had been wearing her father’s and grandfather’s high-waisted trousers and jackets since she was a teenager.

For Gerardo, who grew up in Salerno, fine tailoring is a piece of his cultural identity that evolved into a personal passion. He’s never owned a pair of jeans and wears bespoke and handmade pants, jackets, and shirts exclusively.

When the two of them met in Rome two and a half years ago, Gerardo was successfully running Sartoria Giuliva, a classic Neapolitan atelier creating bespoke clothing for men. Margherita was running a luxury and lifestyle communications consulting firm.

As Margherita found herself dipping into the treasure trove of Gerardo’s armoire and dressing in his clothes almost every day, the couple recognized a hole in the women’s market—a prêt-à-porter women’s wear collection using the best fabrics and manufacturing possible. And so they decided to launch Giuliva Heritage Collection in Paris in February 2017 with a collection of iconic coats—full-length pieces that are feminine interpretations of classic menswear silhouettes. Just three years later, with the launch of the FW2020 collection in Paris, the first prêt-à-porter men’s collection was launched, enlarging Giuliva’s reach and scope.

Entirely manufactured in Italy, the line celebrates authentic artisanal craftsmanship. Attention to detail is prevalent throughout, with several stages of production made by hand, including fabric cutting and the sewing of buttons, labels, armholes, necklines and flat fell seams.

“We started with coats because they were the natural transition from men’s tailoring into women’s.” The new collection offers a total look. “We both love the idea of those perfect pieces that are meant to last a lifetime. The way that our grandparents used to have just a few things, but they were things that lasted, and they wore the right thing to every event…statement pieces in a way.”



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