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Giuliva Heritage: our story

It  happened  one  day  that  Margherita  tried  on  Gerardo’s  double  breasted  topcoat  and  she  never gave it back. After all, she had been borrowing clothes from her father’s and grandfather’s  closet  since  she  was  a  teenager.  Those  high-­‐waisted  trousers,  the  tailored  dream jackets, where else would she get them? For Gerardo on the other hand, grown up in Salerno, fine tailoring had always been a part of his identity, rooted in his personal history, coursing  through  his  veins.  He  had  been  wearing  bespoke,  handmade  trousers,  jackets,  and  shirts since forever.

When  Margherita  and  Gerardo  met  in  Rome,  she  was  managing  a  luxury  and  lifestyle  communication consulting firm, while he was running a Neapolitan atelier creating bespoke clothing for  men:  Sartoria Giuliva. It was love at first sight – not  only  for  Margherita  and  Gerardo as partners (they were meant to build a loving, happy family) but also for Margherita Cardelli and Gerardo Cavaliere as entrepreneurs, which saw a gap in the market and decided to fill it.

They created something that wasn’t there before: the  first sartorial prêt-­‐à-­‐porter womenswear collection using the finest fabrics and traditional techniques in order to craft timeless, iconic garments. Our first collection was launched in Paris in February 2017 with a women’s outerwear line inspired by men’s cuts: full-­‐length pieces, feminine reinterpretations of classic  menswear silhouettes. Our  first  prêt-­‐à-­‐porter  men’s  collection  was  launched  three  years later in Paris.

«We started with coats because they were the natural  transition from men’s tailoring  into women’s», say Margherita and Gerardo today. «We both love the idea of perfect pieces that are meant to last a lifetime», they add, «the way that our grandparents used to own just a few garments, and nonetheless  they  always  had the right thing to wear to every event… Those were pieces that lasted, statement pieces in a way». And so it all happened.

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